Wedding Hairstyle Options- Half Up

If you’re a bride who can’t decide between up or down, here are few half-up compromise styles!

A classic look can be achieved with a Draped Side.  Start with your hair parted to the side after a round-brush blowout.  Use a medium barrel curling iron, then brush them out to create soft waves.  Then, using hair from the side of the part with more, drape your hair in a C shape.  Then pin it to your crown and simply sweep back the hair on the other side of the part and pin it in the same spot.  To mold the swoop, place tissue paper over it and spritz with hair spray, then tease the crown to achieve some lift, and you’re done!
Thanks to Game of Thrones, braids and twists are very in right now, so if you love this trend, try out these Romantic Twists.  They look great with wavy hair, whether natural or created and are lovely for a beach wedding and more.  It’s also a very simply style to create.  Part your hair down the middle, and choose a ½ inch piece from each side of your head.  Twist both sides, and wrap them to the back of your head, where you can secure them with a pin or barrette and keep your style as simple or elaborate as you like and the look is complete.

Stay tuned for up-dos, the standard for wedding styles!

Posted: June 29, 2012 by Ellyn Bedi | with 0 comments

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