January 2014

Over the last few days, many of us have had to look to hats to keep our heads and ears warm, and then struggled to find a way to deal with terrible hat hair, but don’t worry ladies, Glamour.com is here with some tips to keep you warm and looking great.
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It’s time to discuss who looked Great at the Grammy’s.  As usual, there were some unanimous winners and some people whose looks were either loved or loathed.
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We’ve all been there- we go into the salon, ready for change and to rock a short cut, come out with short hair and feeling of deep regret. Read more.
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Throughout the years, there have been some women who time and time again have inspired hairstyles for cool girls everywhere.  Let's take a look at Allure's list of the top 20. Read more.
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Awards Season 2014 has officially begun with Golden Globes last Sunday night, so of course we have to break down who had the best hair and makeup.
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The dry winter air combined with the warm air coming from our heaters can wreak havoc on our lips, leaving them dry, damaged, and even cracked and flaky.  You might find yourself applying lip balm dozens of time a day, just to keep them under control, but what if you could actually do something to prevent the chapping, flaking and more?

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Every year, we all make a few resolutions, and most often, we don’t keep them.  But there is no time like the present to develop a beauty routine that not only makes you look better, but is actually better for your skin.

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