10 Best Tips for Frizzy Hair

Now that the summertime heat and humidity are in full swing, one of our worst hair enemies is back in full force: Frizz.  But, we’ve assembled allure.com’s  10 best tips for frizzy hair. 

Here they are:
1.    Only wash your hair a few times a week- doing so more often will strip your hair of its natural oils that defend against frizz.  If your hair is more oil prone, keep grease at bay with a dry shampoo.
2.    Use a Deep Conditioner- every time you wash, and make sure you leave it on for at least 5 minutes.  This will coat the shaft of your hair, making it harder for it to absorb moisture and swell.  If your hair is very fine however, you may want to do less often.
3.    Don’t towel dry your hair- doing so will rough up your hair and make it harder for it to lie flat.  A superabsorbent microfiber towel eliminates the need for roughing motion, and instead allows you to gently press the water out.
4.    Use a heat protecting spray- we all know that it can be hard, if not impossible to style your hair without heat, so make sure that when you do, you protect yourself with products specifically designed for preventing heat damage.
5.    Invest in an Ionic Blow-Dryer- Ionic dryers negatively charge air molecules, which can reduce the frizz you have due to static build up.
6.    Use a curling iron- if you have frizz with curly or wavy hair, this may sound like bad advice, but wrapping a few frizzy strands around the iron can actually help smooth them out and give them shape.
7.    Use a Silicone Serum-these serums coat every strand of your hair and keep your cuticle smooth.  Apply while your hair is still wet or damp, distribute it with a wide-tooth comb, then either dry it or let it air dry.
8.    Use a weekly Hot-Oil Treatment- the key here is making sure you only apply it from the ears down, so you don’t get your roots too heavy and lie flat.  Try to find one that includes jojoba oil, since it can help strengthen your cuticles and go further in preventing future frizz.
9.    Keep your products Alcohol-Free- most mousses and hairsprays have alcohol in them, which can cause your cuticles to swell, so if you need these products, switch to ones without alcohol.
10.    How to fix flyways: apply a shine spray to a toothbrush (unused of course) or a spooley (like a mascara wand, also unused) and skim it over your hair to grab those little guys.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to eliminate summer frizz!

Posted: June 15, 2012 by Ellyn Bedi | with 0 comments

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