Will It Work For MY Face? Long Hair

If you have been rocking a shorter ‘do and are concerned about spending time to grow out your hair only to hate the result, rest assured, long hair looks great on any face shape!

If your face is square, a simple long and straight style will work for you.  Long, straight tresses can help soften the harder angles of a square face, and a center part can help keep attention on the center of the face and away from your jawline.

Oval faces also look good with center parts, as long as your hair is shoulder length or longer.  But instead of going super straight like square faces, you should keep your look from getting severe by adding or accentuating soft waves.  You can use salt water spray for beachy waves, or utilize a curling iron.

Both heart and round shaped faces should add layers to their long locks.  For both of these face shapes, you need to be careful to avoid volume at the roots and top of the head.  For round faces, make sure to keep frizz under control, and for heart faces opting for waves, make sure they don’t start above the ear.

Remember that if you’re growing your hair out, it’s important to come in for regular trims, to keep your hair healthy from root to tip!


Posted: January 17, 2012 by Bob | with 0 comments

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