Skin Care Mistakes that Age You

We all know that the right combination of skin care products can help fight signs of aging and keep your skin looking young and beautiful for years, but are there mistakes you could be making that are actually aging your skin? has put together a list of 7 skin care mistakes you could be making that will result in skin aging faster than you might like…

Some of these are probably things you have heard about before, like the power of retinoids and the importance of sunscreen, but if there are any you are unaware of, this list might wake you up to changes you might need to make to your skincare routine.

Here is the list, and you can read here for the full story:
1.    Skipping Retinoids
2.    Missing areas with your sunscreen
3.    Not adjusting your skincare routine and products as you age
4.    Treating adult acne like teenage acne
5.    Using products at the wrong time
6.    Putting off anti-aging treatments
7.    Trying every new skincare trend

So ladies, what are you secrets to younger looking skin?
Posted: May 30, 2014 by Ellyn Bedi | with 0 comments

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