Even More Statement Accessories!

 We’re sure that by now you’re as sold as we are on Statement Hair Accessories, but what is a girl to do if she needs one, but there aren't any pins or headbands around?  Improvise.  Here are just a few ideas of everyday items you can easily transform into an amazing hair accessory.

·         Your sunglasses can do double duty as a headband as a chic way to keep your hair out of your face

·         A staple of every office and school, a pen or pencil is a great way to secure a bun

·         If no pen is available, chopsticks can also be used

·         A flower- just pluck and place and you have a natural and beautiful hair accessory

·         Hats- hats are a great and diverse way to add to your style and to disguise any bad hair days you may be having

·         Extensions- especially brightly colored ones- these are a great option 
if you want to add an instant wow factor for your night out.  The best part is, many can be clipped in for the night and removed for the office on Monday!

So no matter where you find yourself in need of a statement accessory, there are plenty of great options for you to embrace.

Posted: May 04, 2012 by Ellyn Bedi | with 0 comments

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