Axxium Gel Lacquer Manicures are the Bomb!

At kj Hair Spa in Apex, we've added Axxium gel lacquer manicures to our service menu and they are a hit!  Gel lacquer manicures will revolutionize the beauty industry.  They eliminate the need to have artificial nails so your nail polish lasts for weeks. With Axxium gel lacquer you are in control.  You do not need to come back into the salon for fills.  Instead, you can simply soak the lacquer off at home and decide when you want to schedule your next visit.  No more will you be a slave to your artificial nails for fills just because you want your polish to last.  It's time to make your Axxium gel lacquer manicure appointment, but first, visit our coupon section to get $5 off your first-time manicure. 
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