What to wear… to Holiday Parties

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the season of holiday parties is about to begin, which of course brings the tough decisions of what to wear to each one.

From Glamour.com, we have 3 types of dresses that can cover you for any holiday party from formal events, to work parties, to celebrations with family and friends.

You can see all of the styles in this glamour.com article, but here are some of the highlights.

For formal occasions, white is a great way to look polished and sleek, and won’t let you blend in with all the other formal black frocks.  This strapless option complete with bow and pockets walks the line perfectly between boring and over the top.

If you’re going to a work function, you don’t want to stray too far from your standard office wardrobe, so a navy cap-sleeve dress with a geometric pattern is a fantastic option.  Paired with dark tights, you’ll be warm enough and look fabulous!

At a party with friends, you can obviously opt for shorter lengths, which don’t come off as too presumptuous when paired with longer sleeves and dark tights.  If you’re worried about getting too warm, you don’t have to go for full length sleeves, but avoid strapless or skimpy straps if you’re going with a shorter dress.

So, now do you feel like you’re ready for the marathon of holiday parties?!?!

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