Easy Day to Night Hair Transitions

In our last post, we talked about essential holiday party dresses, and now we’re here to help you with your hair. 

While many of those holiday functions will take place during the weekend, a lot of them may come after hours, so how do you transition your hair from work-day to celebration at night?

Here, from marieclaire.com are 3 ways you can go from day to evening in 5 minutes or less:
•    Crown Braid to Braid Accented Bun- During the day, you can keep your hair out of your face with this simple crown braid, pinned behind your ears.  In the evening, simply un-pin your braid and gather your hair into a low chignon, for an effortlessly classy style
•    Headband with Waves to Chignon with Headband- This is another transition that relies on maintaining your statement piece, and collecting open hair into a chignon.  During the day, add a headband to center-parted wavy hair.  When you’re ready for the evening, re-part your hair deeply to the side, put your headband at your crown, then volumize and tease your roots to create volume, and gather your waves into a loose chignon, and you’re done!
•    Super Straight Center Part to Sleek Slick Backed Pony- If you prefer a pony to a bun or have naturally straight here, this may be the set for you.  During the day, get your hair super straight and frizz free and part it down the center.  Then at night, pull it into a pony at your crown (think mid-height) and secure it with an elastic.  Then, complete the look by wrapping a strand of hair from your ponytail around the hair elastic

To see the steps and photos for each set of styles, see the full article here.  We hope that these will help make getting ready for all of your after work functions easier and less stressful!

Posted: December 06, 2013 by Ellyn Bedi | with 0 comments

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